5 Simple Steps To A Healthy Body!

Congratulations on taking initiative and visiting my step-by-step guide! Sometimes the toughest part is to mentally commit and tell yourself that you’re ready to start making some changes. I hope you’re excited and ready to do this!


Breakfast Smoothie Plan:

I purposely do not call this a diet because the word “diet” usually has a negative connotation to it.

And this breakfast smoothie plan is far from that! One of the first things that I changed in my daily routine was my breakfast choice. What we consume (especially in the morning) is so important and affects everything else.

Consuming a healthy meal to start the day not only helps our bodies nutritionally but it sends the right message mentally. I found myself more likely to stay away from junk foods because I had started the day on the right healthy path. And there’s practically an endless combination of ingredients you can use to make them. Just search online for “breakfast smoothie recipes” and the list is overwhelming! 

As for the blender I use the Nutribullet. It’s so easy to use and perfect for making one cup at a time. But there are plenty of other options out there.


Step 2:

Japanese Tonic (The “REAL” Secret)

This is the most vital and important step to my weight loss success. This tonic is a key ingredient to my breakfast smoothies every morning and ties into Step 3, which you’ll see why in just a second. 

The tonic helps jump start our main fat-burning hormone and reignites metabolism. It’s an ancient Japanese formula from the island of Okinawa, where some of the world’s healthiest people live. 

It’s NOT a “fat-burning pill” or medication. It’s made with nature’s finest nutrients (some of them being ginger root, turmeric, chicory root, plant compound in green and white tea, piperine, a special Okinawan hibiscus flower, acai berry, and mulberry) which supports metabolism and boosts energy levels. 

Tap or click on this video below to learn more. The tonic is only available for purchase from this site.

 Do not skip this step! This stuff is absolute gold!

Step 3


No matter what, our bodies need some sort of exercise. And it doesn’t have to be crazy intense as if we’re training for a decathlon, just enough to get our heart rates up. Of course, if you’re capable of doing more then by all means do it! But when I was towards my peak weight, I couldn’t exercise worth crap! I would have trouble breathing, constant joints and muscle aches, dizziness, vomiting, I even blacked out once trying to do a Zumba class… And my energy level was just too low. That’s where the Japanese Tonic in Step 2 really helps. It gives me that extra boost of energy so that my body naturally wants to exercise!

In the beginning just take it very slow and gradually work your way up. The important part is to be consistent and dedicated! I started with just 10 minutes walking on the treadmill (or outside). I did that every day for a week and then increased it to 15 minutes the following week. 

And then 5 more minutes each week until I could walk for 30 minutes. After that I started to jog, 5 minutes at first and then increasing it every week just like walking.

I listen to my favorite podcasts which is such a nice break from all the craziness in my life! It can be a madhouse with three kids running around the house… Again, the most crucial part here is to be consistent and dedicated.

Even if that’s 10 minutes a day, just get up and do it. Trust me it will become easier and easier as the weeks go by.



Step 4

The 15-Minute Rule


Did you know that our minds do not register how full we are until about 15-20 minutes after we’ve finished eating? I used to eat at a fast pace and would often lose track of how much I ate. And because I ate so fast, my mind told me I was still hungry while my stomach was already full. This made me consume seconds, even thirds depending on what it was. But here’s a little trick I learned to help me from over-eating.

I would take a break after the “first” serving and let my mind catch up to my stomach. In the beginning I would just excuse myself from the table and go read a book or watch TV, something to keep my mind off food for 15 minutes. Later on I started to utilize that time for more productive house hold choirs like vacuuming and laundry. And majority of the time I wasn’t hungry anymore. And in the case that I was, I didn’t beat myself up for having seconds. This should be consistent but a slow-paced routine. Just ease into it and eventually the “need” for seconds or thirds will disappear.

When this becomes a routine habit, it feels so nice, because it’s a win-win! Not only am I eating healthy but I’m being productive and getting things done around the house!

Step 5

Apple Cider Vinegar

This fifth and last step is simple and has some great benefits. Every night before I go to bed, I make it a routine to drink a glass of water with some apple cider vinegar.

ACV (apple cider vinegar) helps support weight loss by increasing fat burning while reducing fat storage. It also slows digestions and suppresses appetite and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
Dilute 1 oz of ACV with AT LEAST 8 oz of water. Make sure the label says it contains the “Mother”, which is the good bacteria and also the healthiest part! Some people like to add honey or lemon but that is optional and will not affect the results. You can increase the amount of water if its too strong.
The key is to consume 1 oz of ACV and be consistent.

That’s it! Adding these 5 simple routines has really changed my life. And don’t worry, everything becomes easier and easier as time goes by, until eventually it just feels natural. Just remember to stay CONSISTENT and DETERMINED.


And in case you haven’t watched the video on the Japanese Tonic yet, here’s the link below. This is the most vital and important step to my weight loss success.


You Got This

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