Chef’s Foundry P600 Knife Review – Should You Really Try It?

Kitchen tools are the life-blood for chefs. If we talk specifically about the knives, they are the definite cornerstones for delicious recipes and chefs’ efforts! Buying kitchen inventory, knives, cooking pots, fancy decorative pieces can be exciting for women, but only when the products are pocket-friendly, have warranties and don’t break or go useless after some time. Women are therefore, always looking for kitchen products that are high quality, but economical to the pocket, and don’t rust within a few months use. Chef’s Foundry is an angel company that manufactures high-quality kitchen ware and that too on competitive prices. These items help people in their domestic as well as professional use and that’s why, they have named themselves as ‘Chef’s Foundry’.

Chef’s Foundry P600 Knife – The Vision

The company takes high corporate social responsibility. With its partners ‘Feeding America’, the company has a mission of feeding a substantial number of hungry Americans ultimately eradicating hunger issues from the region! And that’s why, whenever a kitchen tool is sold, the company assists in providing 10 free meals to the under-privileged. Besides their corporate social responsibility, the founder wished to produce something that would make working in the kitchen more enjoyable, easier, and less time consuming. That’s one of the reasons, the professional chefs on the American TV series are always happy about with their profession!


Other than satisfying our moral values by helping the company provide free meals, these kitchen inventories have other attractive features:

1. The uses of these knives are not limited. They can be used in the home kitchen for peeling the mangoes and chopping them off into slices, cutting the vegetables for salads or potatoes for fries. With this, the same knives can be used professionally, during the cooking classes. Cooking experts and trainers suggest their culinary arts students to use these particular knives, especially when they are competing in contests and races etc. 

2. The P600 Knife is ten times sharper than the standard knives available in the market, making the food preparation process less time consuming, which requires least effort. Meat, fish, vegetables, pineapples, and what not, everything can be easily cut into slim thin pieces use these ceramic-based knives. Users can therefore get done with their cutting, chopping and slicing in lesser time and focus on garnishing the food they have prepared for a better presentation and appreciation!

3. The knives produced by this company are ceramic-based rather than steel. That’s what makes them the sharpest knives in the world, plus, they don’t rust! They don’t need complimentary sharpening equipment; that one has to keep in the kitchen drawer as it might come handy anytime. There is absolutely no need to rub it on the marble slab every day before touching the meat with it. According to research, rust can be more harmful to the body than the fungus. Yes, if people keep using the same regular steel knives, there are higher chances of food poisoning and other gastric issues. With ceramic-based knives, this problem is solved! It’s healthy and the speed it provides to the cutting process, helps keep the fruits and vegetables healthy and fresh, and cooked in time before their nutrients go to waste!

4. User-friendly: These knives aren’t knives! They are super-knives, yet user-friendly. For protection of the users and knives too, the company always sends each knife with its proper covers so it doesn’t become dangerous. 

5. The highly competitive price is one of the best characteristic features of P600 Knives. As part of their limited time offer, they are selling it for $69, and absolutely zero shipping fees! Otherwise, the same knives cost $276.

6. Users also reported that besides the sharpest edge, the look of these knives is quite impressive. Even if they get overly used, they never look dirty or untidy on the dining tables. People have started using these knives during their cake cutting ceremonies in birthdays and weddings because the finest look and sharpest edge have never left any room for embarrassment and awkwardness during some of the special moments!


These knives are available in single pieces and complete sets, based on the customer’s choice. The set contains 3 knives

  1. a chef’s knife: 8 inches, for meat, fish, chicken and stubborn fruits and vegetables 
  2. a utility knife: 6 inches, for daily kitchen use
  3. a paring knife: 4 inches, light weight for some little slicing and chopping


These knives, as mentioned earlier as well, are recommended by famous chefs, cooking trainers and experts. The same brand can be seen in one of the top cooking series of the American TV and the list goes on. According to users, these knives save a lot of their time, give them style, and cooking doesn’t seem daunting anymore. These knives start sharp and stay sharp for ages of cooking sessions. A number of emerging chefs and culinary arts students reported that they felt more confident while working with these knives. Also, these knives were in the list of those first few things they were advised by their teachers and instructors.


The company sells each P600 Knife with a 30 days, customer satisfaction, and hassle-free guarantee. This means that if the users aren’t satisfied with the product, or they aren’t as sharp as they had expected, or they got a rust or broke off (which is never happening), they can request a refund, send back the knife to the address of the warehouse provided in the purchase invoice, no questions will be asked, and the money (the original purchase price) would be transferred back!


These knives can be easily ordered from the given website links. Once the order is booked, the company ships the P600 knives on high-priority and the users receive their order within 3 business days! At times, the knives are on much demand and therefore, shipping can take 4-5 business days. Currently, these knives are offered in a bundle pack, 3 knives only for $69 and that’s it, no shipping and handling charges for US-based customers.