Crepe Erase Review – SCAM or DOES IT WORK?


Skin conditions like itching, dryness, wrinkles, and expression lines can cause self-doubt in youngsters as well as aged. These can be the biggest cause of stress not only for women but for men, and of all ages. The real reasons include the following:

1. As a person ages, the body starts getting deficient in necessary nutrients: multivitamins, minerals and proteins.

2. With the industrial advancement, the environment is getting more polluted and contaminated each day. These pollutants are a complex of carbon, sulfur and other harmful chemicals. When skin comes into direct contact with these pollutants, it starts getting dry and chips off like paints do from the walls.

3. Daily care products keep peeling off the skin cells gradually, exposing the new baby skin to direct sun.

4. Hormonal imbalance during and after menstruation and pregnancies cause the skin cells to age internally.

5. Busy routines prohibit us from having sufficient amount of water.

6. Heavy medicines and drugs taken in youth, might leave their impacts or backfire later.

7. Men and women who smoke habitually might damage their nutritional balance internally causing the damage on the skin.

8. Irregular menstruation cycles or gastric issues are also major causes of rapidly aging skin.

9. Most important: building blocks of skin, collagen and elastin complexes must be insufficient, weaker and broken.

Bad news: So many problems!

Good news: Only ONE solution!

Crepe Erase is state-of-the-art collection of organic and all-pure natural products that help reverse the aging symptoms and erase them off permanently!


Crepe Erase has a complete range of products for aging and problematic itchy skin. Different products are targeted to heal the bumpy, rough and wrinkled areas of the skin, while others are all-rounders and combat ALL the mainstream skin issues. The philosophy behind making such products was that, “Age is just a number!” One shouldn’t let these numbers cause stress and hurt sentiments. One should feel free to apply any kind of shimmery makeup as one likes, and never lose confidence in public gatherings.

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The super powerful weapons of this product line are based on four main ingredients that will be covered in the other sections of this review. Specific proportions of each ingredient as one-unit are called TruFirm Complex. This complex helps rejuvenate the skin elastin and collagen and make it flexible yet not loose. These ingredients help the skin cells relax, release the heat that is produced within the layers because of the stress and busy routines, and revitalize the broken cell structure to clear the internal blocks that hinder the flow of blood.

Since pollutants are the major cause behind the dirt accumulating in the skin, these products are targeted to clear the gaps, and cleanse the pores from the very inside, and then help minimize those pores, to clear the orange-peel texture. When the inner network of cell membranes is purified, there is no clogging and pimples don’t break out as often as they would do previously. When all such internal skin issues are fixed, the complex starts working on the outer membranes, fills the wrinkles and expression lines and tightens the skin. The apple cider base in the complex fights the bacteria and free toxic radicals and then, cuts the sebum with heavy oil. Finally evens the patches, discoloration and pigmentation and tones the skin for a better complexion.

The reason why Crepe Erase products stand out against the other listed ones in the market is the fact that they contain sunscreen in their formulae. There is absolutely no need to let the products stay for hours on the skin or pull them off as mask. They are light serums and non-greasy. They don’t clog pores, don’t chemically peel off the skin and cause severe itching. They don’t interact with the problematic skin or react with redness. 


Crepe Erase products are mainly based on TruFirm complex. This complex comprises of three main ingredients that collaboratively act on the damaged cells. These forming ingredients are sage, apple and dill. Dill extract and dill oil have been used for centuries to cure certain diseases. In these products, Dill extract is exclusively used to cure inflammation and redness in the skin, and dill oil for natural fragrance. It is said to boost the elastin and make skin flexible. It activates the dermal fibroblasts and improves elastin synthesis process. Another super ingredient included in the complex is apple, often referred to as the fountain of youth. Apples slow down the aging process by fighting the free radicals. Sage, on the other hand, helps rebuild the disturbed cellular structure, releases stress and strain from the skin, treats the dullness.

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The range is further divided into small sets with products complementary to one another. Major sets are:

1. The Essentials System: it is a 2 piece set with an Exfoliating Body polish and Intensive Body Repair System, currently offered at a discount rate of $39.95.

2. The Maximum Results System: It is a 5 piece set with Refining Facial Scrub, Exfoliating Body Polish, Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion, Intensive Body Repair System and Restorative Facial Treatment, currently available at the discounted price of $59.95 also with a free gift, ‘4-in1 Eye Renewal Capsules’!


These products don’t contain any medicinal drugs and are completely chemical-free. They don’t contain any additives or rapid action formulae. However, teens under 18 are strictly advised not to use the anti-aging products from the range. These products can be ordered directly from their official website and are currently available with discounts and free gifts, in a limited time offer.  The highly-dependable customer care also provides 24*7 free consultancies to help with the selection of products.

So, our skins are worth the investment that not only makes us look young and beautiful, but also naturally reverses the aging symptoms so they don’t come back. It’s not too much to ask for Crepe Erase skin rejuvenating systems!