Diathrive Review – Reliable & Accurate Diabetes Testing Supplies?

Diathrive is a company that provides diabetes-testing supplies that are of the highest quality and provide accurate results as shown by the FDA. The company offers 3-month subscription plans which one can pause at any time.

The diabetes testing strips, meters, lancets, etc. bought from this company are delivered to one’s doorstep in a hassle-free manner without any hidden costs or other complications. With this healthcare facility, one doesn’t have to get tangled in complex health insurance policies.

Diathrive Review

Diabetes is a growing concern in the United States. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry is not as convenient as one would want it to be neither is it as cost-effective. However, if one is struggling with the ailment, he can measure the state of his health by going for a simpler and better solution with the diabetes supplies provider called Diathrive. This label brings to patients, products which align with the highest standards and are also entirely accurate.

With the diabetes testing strips and other products of this provider, one doesn’t have to deal with any complexities – the selected products are delivered to one’s house and the pricing is totally transparent. One can subscribe to receiving the products every 3 months, however, he is not bound. If he wishes to pause the subscription he can do so and of course, he won’t have to pay any charges. Moreover, the supplies are also affordable along with being of excellent quality.

What Does The Subscription Box Include?

The Diathrive subscription box contains all the supplies that a person who has diabetes may need. The products included inside the subscription box are the following:

1 – Glucose Meter

The glucose meter of this company is FDA-approved which means it is accurate. It requires a sample size of only 0.4 µL and gives results in just 4 seconds.

2 – Test Strips

The test strips support redosing and are accurate.

3 – Lancets

The lancets that come with have a universal design which is compatible with almost all lancing devices.

4 – Lancing Device

Lancing device has 5 depth settings and hence, it offers maximum comfort.

5 – Carrying Case

A carrying case made using high quality materials for the storage and protection of testing supplies is part of the package.

Along with ordering the subscription box, one can also add other items separately to his cart. If he feels these items will last him for long and he won’t need a second delivery any time soon, he can pause his subscription.

Features Of The Products

Going for Diathrive comes with many perks. Some of the best features of this supplier are the following:

1 – It Gives Accurate Results

The supplies from this company have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and they have proven to give accurate results which a person can trust.

2 – No Hidden Costs

The pricing policy of each product and the subscription box is entirely transparent. There are no hidden costs. The overall prices are also cost-effective.

3 – Convenient Process And Usage

The products can be purchased conveniently. The overall process is very simple unlike in the case of healthcare insurance. Orders are speedily delivered to one’s doorsteps.

4 – Positive Reviews

The official website of the company also shows positive customer reviews. These serve as testimonials and show that the company is reliable.

5 – Money Back Guarantee

These supplies are also backed by a solid money back guarantee. This means that one can return the products if he is not satisfied and get his cash back. More details about this policy can be found on the official website.

6 – Tested And Proven

The company’s products have also undergone an accuracy test which shows that all the results shown by them are on point.

7 – Freebies Come Along

The products’ purchase page also says that with his first order he can get 50 free strips. This makes the package even more worthwhile.

Pricing Policy

Given below is a brief overview of the packages of Diathrive supplies which one can choose from:

1 – Lite

This package is for testing once a day. It costs $8 per month. Contains 100 test strips, and all supplies of the starter box for free.

2 – Popular

This one is for testing twice a day. It comes with 200 strips. Again, all supplies of the starter box come for free. This one is priced at $12 a month.

3 – Smart Saver

This one is for testing three times a day. It costs $16 per month and brings 300 strips. All supplies in the starter box come for free in this one as well.

There are other plans available too. One can go for whichever suits his needs. As per the FAQs section, one can use his FSA or HAS funds to pay for the products.

Contact Information

All contact details have been openly mentioned. The address of the company has been given and the number has been too. Moreover, one can stay updated with info from the company’s side by following its social media channels.

One can also connect with the company via email. Also, he can subscribe to the company’s newsletter. Other details about the company can be seen on its official website. One can also easily refer the company to friends and family by simply adding their email and name.

On the official website of the products, one can find many guides that detail him on know-how regarding diabetes. The blog is filled with information that one can benefit from.

Final Verdict

Diathrive is a diabetes testing products supplier. The company’s supplies are all of high quality and have been checked by the FDA for accuracy as well. One can expect free and fast delivery, convenience, and transparent pricing. Positive reviews have been shown on the official website of the company.