Flora Fuel Review – Potent Whole Foods Formula?

Flora Fuel is a powerful whole food psybiotic blend that works to combat G-BAD. It balances gut health and improves one’s mood as well. This formula has been designed by renowned company Sempora and by the genius, Eric Raum. The taste of this veggie-based powder is also delicious – it comes in a berry flavor. The product is natural and science-backed as well and its purchase is backed by a money back guarantee.

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What is G-BAD?

G-BAD or the Gut-Brain Axis Disorder is a health condition in which both the gut and the brain of the victim are impacted. This ailment has both physical as well as mental symptoms. Therefore, G-BAD does not only ruin one’s digestive health, it also makes one more anxious and can cause one to face mood swings and the like on a regular basis. One may also put on weight due to this disorder and lose his sex drive.

How are the Gut and the Brain Connected?

The gut basically has its own brain called the enteric nervous system. This system is capable of learning and remembering things as well as sending messages. The enteric nervous system and the actual brain are connected via a nerve cable which is what forms the link between the gut and the brain. Science shows that an imbalance in the gut microflora can have a detrimental effect on one’s mood and behavior. Good bacteria in the gut perform a lot of functions.

These include the detoxification of impurities, metabolism of cholesterol, etc. A negative interference in the gut-brain communication can also have adverse influences on one’s health. This disruption in communication between them can be primarily caused due to the immune and neurological responses triggered by an increase in the population of bad bacteria, undigested food particles, allergens, toxins, etc. in the state of dysbiosis.

Sempora Flora Fuel Review

Symptoms like weight gain, anxiousness, digestive troubles, and more are a clear indication that one may be suffering through G-BAD. G-BAD can be caused by certain neurological and immune responses caused during dysbiosis. This condition cannot be solved by the mere intake of probiotics. Sure, a healthy diet which does not contain excess intake of sugar-filled drinks such as the grape juice, and the overuse of antibiotics can help.

However, there are formulas that are specifically designed for fighting off the symptoms of the gut-brain axis dysfunction and improve a person’s overall health. One such product is called Flora Fuel. This is a powdered supplement that contains a powerful blend of vegetables and other important, potent and natural ingredients. Coming from the well-known company, Sempora, this supplement has been created on the grounds of scientific research.

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Background of this Product

Flora Fuel comes from a company called Sempora. This health company is dedicated to creating products that are scientifically proven. The company has also partnered up with a non-profit organization Operation Homefront. Therefore, when one purchases a product of Sempora, he does not only favor his heath, but he also gives something to an important cause. The health expert behind this product is Eric Raum.

This man has travelled far and wide for finding more natural health solutions. On his trip to North Afghanistan, Eric learned the basics of this supplement’s formula from an ancient tribe. He carried out extensive research to support the natural ingredients that he found could improve the gut-brain connection and working. And hence, this powdered formula was birthed in collaboration with Sempora. Eric has learned biochemistry and physiology from Harvard Medical School.


Flora Fuel is a combination of healthy ingredients. Unlike most other supplements on the market today, this one’s ingredient-list has been disclosed. Following items form this powdered mix:

  • A green blend that includes alfalfa extra, green papaya, broccoli, etc.
  • A reds blend that contains apple, cherry, berries and other fruits and fruit extracts
  • Ginger, white tea extract, turmeric extract, etc. have been added for metabolic support
  • A psybiotic blend that comprises of L. acidophilus, L. salivarius, L. plantarum, etc.

You can read the complete list on the official webpage.

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Distinctive Features

There are several qualities that make this product seem like a worthwhile one. Some of the praiseworthy qualities of Flora Fuel have been discussed below.


This product has a natural composition. No fillers, additives, chemicals, etc. have been added to the mix. The ingredient list is a blend of psybiotic whole foods and healthy blends.


This product has no reported negative side effects of use. Since the product has been prepared in a premium manner using pure ingredients, it safe for the health of users.


Not only is this formula entirely organic but it also backed by science. The company behind this formula only creates products that are scientifically-proven.


Unlike most other plant-based formulas, this green mix is one that has been designed to have a berry flavor that pleases one’s taste buds. One can mix it in water or his smoothie drink.


The maker of this product is sure that the formula is effective. However, since different products suit different people differently, there is a 90-day money back guarantee backing this supplement.


This product is convenient to use. All one has to do is mix the powder in his beverage as recommended. One may consult his doctor before using this product.


This supplement’s manufacturing process and formulation are of high quality. The product has been made in a state-of-the-art, FDA-inspected facility. The formula has also been tested by third-parties.

Final Verdict (Should  You Really Buy It?)

Flora Fuel is a super-food powdered formula that can greatly improve one’s health and wellness. This product’s use combats the gut-brain axis disorder and saves one from anxiety and digestive problems. It balances the gut health and improves metabolism as well. The product is entirely natural, and it is also backed by science and research. It does not contain any health-benefiting products. One can find more about the supplement and place on order via its official website (link given below).