iGenics Review – Natural Solution For Improved Vision?


Eyesight is indeed a blessing one could never thank enough for. It is one of the amazing feelings in the world to be able to see so many colors, sights and contemporary views. However, this eyesight getting weaker just because of age, can be scary. iGenics is an amazing eye care supplement which rejuvenates the eye health, reverses all symptoms of aging that cause eye sight to go weak or cause blurred vision. With this, there is absolutely no need to take those painful surgeries, medicines, drinks, injections and laser therapies that don’t deliver the claimed results and leave the body in hundreds of side effects. 

It helps regain the weak or lost power to see the world. In no time, it has helped people all over the world fix all problems with their vision and helped them restore their youthfulness. It strengthens the natural power of eyes, eye cells and specially cornea to sense light and other objects. It sharpens weak vision and fixes poor eyesight.

iGenics is made of 100% natural ingredients and contains only botanical elements. There are no animal derivatives, additives or preservatives. The product is absolutely chemical free and contains no harmful byproducts. The product doesn’t contain any sorts of fragrances, scents or artificial aromas. It only has a light smell which is not injurious to eye health. The best thing about IGenics is that it doesn’t need any external application. The supplement has to be taken with lukewarm water, a green drink or a citric juice.

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The miraculous ingredients used in this supplement have helped it save the eyesight of hundreds of Americans. These include Ginkgo Biloba, Bilberry, Zeaxanthin, and Lutein. There are other ingredients as well and they complementing these ingredients in their main functions. These are perfectly suitable for vegetarians and for people in their 30s and 40s.

Most importantly, internet is bombarded with hundreds f research evidences that prove the efficacy of these elements. They have long-known histories of being used as dietaries and home remedies by Okinawas and Asians.

So, the formula is high-quality and ensures promising result. It is medically proven, clinically tested and scientifically backed up.  Ginkgo Biloba is such old species of plants – according to some old people, it was also consumed by Dinosaurs. This was given to grooms and brides of ancient times so that they could resist the hormonal changes in their bodies after marriage.

This plant has a special chemical: cerebo vascular dilator. This molecule is responsible to improve the blood circulation and ensure an increased supply of oxygen to eye cells. It is a flavinoid and has no psychotropic effects.

These ingredients have a special characteristic: they do not let pathogens sit on them and can survive for ages. These are perfectly suitable for eyes and do not go extinct. That’s the reason they had also survived the ice age. They counter the pressure on eyes, improve blood flow, and prevent immature cell death. 

There is one element, known to be the ‘eye vitamin’ for centuries. Lutein cures eye disorders, protect the cells from shrinking, increase eye cell volume and provide them the right amount of moisture. That’s how it protects eyes from a number of diseases like Catarcts, Mucular Degeneration and Retinis Pigmentosa.

It counters light and doesn’t let it damage retina. Works as a sunscreen and shield for eyes. It is originally present in the cellular structures of human eyes and itself is a carotenoid. One common cause herein, is lack of this nutrient in the body as an individual ages. Eye specialists and surgeons suggest these elderly people to start consuming foods rich in this ingredient but they could be rare to find. Even if they get the right proportion of lutein in diet, it can be a hassle for the gut to digest it, absorb it and send it to the target macula, cornea and retina cells. iGenics has complementary binders which aid the gut with this challenging function.

Vision boosters also have another must-have ingredient. It is Zeaxanthin which backs up poor eyesight when the leading cause is workplace stress, pressure of reading on eyes and brain and depression. Surprisingly, these cause could also result in blurred vision and and may cause cluster headaches and migraines.

The bacteria and infections, inflammatory agents and toxins could also result in other sort of chronic pain surrounding the region of eye balls. Leutin and Zeaxanthin work collaboratively, but the proportion of latter may matter a lot. They also back up the functions of Ginkgo Biloba and stimulate the function, and unleash the body’s natural power to digest lutein.

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The following people and patients can take the supplement without worry:

1. Dairy Intolerant: because the product has no lactose or yogurt particles and won’t trigger itching, bowel movements or bloating

2. Poultry intolerant: because no ingredients are animal-based and specifically there are no animal protein derived out of egg or chicken

3. People on blood-thinning agents can consume the product because it has no triglycerides or bad cholesterols. There are fillers like gluten, wheat, soy or peanuts.


The supplement comes with an offer of different packages. The company has announced discounts on buying bulk quantities. Where one bottle costs only $39, buying three could drop the price to $35 per bottle. And the most popular package is the hamper of six bottles where each bottle costs only $29.


iGenics supplement comes with an attractive money back guarantee and anybody who is not satisfied with the quality, quantity or results of the product may lodge a request. Getting a refund is as easy as ABC, because the guarantee is hassle free and no questions would be asked. The bottles could be shipped back for the original purchase price.