Ketosis is the most modern fat burning and weight loss program in the 21st century. However, a number of people don’t know that entering the state of ketosis can be quite challenging and may take a lot of time if certain habits aren’t developed, special meals aren’t added to daily diet and some foods are not eliminated completely. But the question now is, what to have if ketosis requires having restrictive meals and what choices is one left with. Dr Anthony’s Keto Belly Burn provides comprehensive answers to all these questions. It talks about what foods should be avoided, what foods accelerate the fat burning process, what foods cause inflammation and how these diet plans can be turned into exciting and yummy daily recipes, in a cookbook. 

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The protocol has been penned under excellence supervision of Dr Anthony Capasso, who had been voted as # 1 Physician and Research Doctor by the Folio Magazine. Whatever he has described and suggested in the protocol have come into shape after years of personal experience, experimentation and research. He had himself been an obese person while being in the last semesters of his medical education and similar to other people in their 20s, he had dreamt of working out and getting a leaner belly, which never became possible. Finally, his own adverse experiences led him to this breakthrough, called Nutrition Hacks KETO Belly Burn.

According to him, we need one SUPER FAT to burn it down for energy rather than just cutting carbohydrates and proteins from our meals. Also, he had advised in the same protocol that people, and specially Diabetic and Angina patients should avoid one common fruit, and three very commonly used daily foods in order to switch to ketosis lifestyle. 

The protocol guides one on how to replace the most-commonly and mistaken foods with healthy ones. Firstly, it talks about which foods to completely cut out from the meal plans. Some of these disclosed in the promo video include Dairy products like highly pasteurized yogurt, fruits such as apples and oatmeal. Also, the protocol suggests stocking up the kitchen with avocados, bacon and egg white to support the ketone production in the body, because until and unless the body doesn’t produce ketones out of good cholesterol, the mitochondria won’t be able to burn the stored fat for energy. 

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Keto Belly Burn is a complete weight loss package in itself!

Yes, it’s not just a ketosis manual that guides an individual about what to eat, what not to eat, contains a calorie card or talks about ketosis with logic and science. It is much more. In this package, any individual who orders the set, is offered a digital access to all the materials instantly. As soon as one enters the necessary information required to verify that it’s really a human being accessing the materials, the digital usernames and passwords are made available to be a part of member’s login area and to start getting slimmer and leaner right away.

No waiting, no hassle, no running after refunds etc for months and years! And therefore, most of the users who took their time out to review the product have mentioned that this protocol is for those serious Americans who are really worried about their cardiovascular health, increasing weight, leaky gut and obese body and are poised to do something to reverse their aging symptoms.  Well, this one-of-its-kind protocol includes the following wondrous materials:

1. The action guide: It is the basic fat burning manual that contains all tips and techniques one needs to know in order to burn fat and deliver exceptional results rapidly.

2. The Cookbook: it’s a recipe manual that contains a set of delicious meal plans, alongwith easy and convenient ways to prepare them. The characteristic feature of meals featured in the cookbook is that they the preparation is not time-consuming and meals require only those materials that are available in most of the kitchens. If not, these ingredients can be easily purchased on cheap prices from nearest grocery stores.

3. The Smoothies guide: Along with the meal plans and cookbook, the protocol also contains a perfect smoothies guide for people who enjoy having juices and fluids more than solid foods. It contains recipes for low-protein drinks that provide instant energy and help a person feel refreshed if they are exhausted out of physical or mental effort.

With these manuals, Nutrition Hacks is also giving away free coconut oil pills to support everyone on ketosis, as a limited time offer on amazing discounts.

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The best part of the protocol is that it helps individuals and obese patients activate the ketosis process in their bodies. Moreover, it contains daily tips to fight back the keto flu as well.  Basically, keto flu is the name given to exhaustion and light nauseous feeling, and flu that may show up during the initial stages of keto fat burning process. Any individual who has a keto flu needs not worry because it’s a good sign and indicative of the fact that the liver cells and mitochondria have really started utilizing the stored body fat for energy.


As mentioned earlier, Keto Belly Burn becomes available as soon as the company registers an order. Also, the unit price of each part currently offered as a bonus sums up to $325, but, Nutrition Hacks is currently delivering the complete package for just $37 with zero shipping and handling charges. 


According to the company, the driving force behind this super successful protocol is the ones in need, the end users, the consumers of the exceptional product. They have set their customer’s satisfaction as a success factor and to implement that, they have even offered a free 60 Days money back guarantee. This means that anybody who is unhappy or unsatisfied with the results of Keto Belly Burn protocol (which usually never happens) can return within 60 days for a full purchase price refund, no hard feelings, no questions asked! 

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