Noom Review – Does It Live Up To Its Claims?

Noom is all the rage these days. It’s a health app that acts like a virtual assistant, guiding users in all aspects of their weight loss journey. This program comes for a pretty penny but from the sounds of it, it’s worth the bucks.

With it, one gets a chat-based community, a nutritionist, and a coach all within the app, easily accessible through a smartphone. So, is this app any different from the millions of weight loss apps out there? Does it stand out or is it just another timely fad?

Noom Review

Technology has come so far then why is it that it hasn’t yet benefited the weight loss sector? Or has it? There are many online programs and apps out there which claim that with them you can lose a substantial amount of pounds. The only problem is that most of them have proven their own words wrong by being ineffective. Now a new app is taking over social media feeds and the attention of millennials. It’s called Noom, an app that takes a weight loss approach as unique as its name.

This app can be found on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It allows interested individuals to check it out free of cost for 14 days after which they are required to pay about $45 per month. This app helps tackle all the hurdles that come in one’s way when he tries to shed off pounds – from cravings to loneliness and pessimism. It encourages one to switch to healthy habits, but without any force. The app claims that it has helped people trim 18 pounds in 16 weeks which is not a huge but a believable claim. 

Weight Loss Approach

This weight loss app doesn’t only pour its attention on how much of what a person eats but it focuses on other aspects of one’s lifestyle as well. Apart from food, it zooms in on one’s psychology and helps him shed off pounds by staying supported and motivated throughout. Here are some ways Noom app promotes healthy lifestyle choices:

1 – It tells what to eat and what not to

Like a nutritionist constantly connected on call, this app advises a person what he should and shouldn’t eat. The app color-codes foods green, yellow, and red. Foods that have a rich nutritional profile are marked green. These include fresh produce and healthy meals.

Foods such as those which are high in starch are given the yellow color whereas those which are unhealthy such as burgers and alcohol are tagged red.

2 – It guides with coaching sessions

Every user on this app is given a Goal Specialist or coach who guides him and supports him at least once a week. The app has a messaging system to connect a user to a GS to set short-term goals.

3 – It offers community support

The chat-based community of millions of users provides everyone support. One can choose which group to be a part of depending on his participation and interaction level. This keeps one motivated and he can also ask any questions on his mind.

Apart from these three ways to support healthy living, the program also encourages people to check in regularly and weigh themselves on at least a weekly basis. This allows one to track his progress and to see if he’s reaching his set goals. What’s more, the app also addresses different concerns of people in relevant areas every week. The content of the topics covered is always applicable and easy to understand and follow.

Does Noom Really Work?

Now the real question is – does Noom actually show results? Yes, it most certainly does, however, one must follow its advice rather than ignoring the app entirely after downloading it. Of the 45 million users that the app has, the majority have succeeded at shredding their weight. Positive reviews can be found on several platforms, if someone still has any doubts. Health professionals also recommend this app to their patients.

Though it is a house full of like-minded people with the same ideology and features nutritional and professional support, this app cannot walk on its own two feet to purchase one’s groceries. So, at the end of the day, one has to put in efforts himself. The app can, therefore, be called realistic as it doesn’t say that it can help one slim down in a week without him having to do anything at all.

Some people have spoken against this app, complaining that its coaching sessions are automated, food choices are limited or that it is difficult to cancel the program. However, ultimately, it all comes down to a person’s preferences. This is just an app, one that has the popular opinion in its favor.

Is It For Everyone?

Apart from offering its Healthy Weight Program for $44.99, this app also has a Diabetes Prevention Program which is priced at $89.99. But still, this program may not be suitable for everyone. If one has any dietary or medical conditions ranging from food allergies, hormonal imbalances to IBD, it’s best that he goes for IRL counseling for weight loss. It is better to consult one’s doctor before going ahead and investing in this application.

One can know more about the app by checking out its official website online where all the details are mentioned. One can also subscribe to its newsletter to receive updates from Noom.

Key Takeaway

Noom is a weight loss program packed into a convenient-to-use smartphone app that encourages healthy living. This app can be found on both Android and Apple for around $45. The app provides nutritional as well as psychological support. Whether it works or not, that boils down to how willing one is to stick to the plan. Most people have seen praiseworthy results, so that app can be labelled reliable and effective.