Radiance Teeth Whitening Review – Does This Pen Provide Ultra-White Glowing Teeth?

Radiance Teeth Whitening

People are often advised to smile as much as they can – but for those who suffer from yellow or brown teeth, it becomes quite difficult to do so. With habits like drinking coffee or tea, and smoking becoming commonplace nowadays, quite a few people suffer from yellow teeth which not only restrict them from smiling but also cause them a bit of embarrassment.

While teeth whitening techniques have surfaced in the past, they generally have either been too expensive, or have been inconvenient or not comprehensive. Providing only momentary solutions instead of an in-depth answer, these other methods have proven to fail time and time again. This is why, many people are looking towards finding a new way to deal with their yellow teeth, so that they may never have to feel bad about smiling anymore.

One solution that has recently surfaced the market is Radiance Teeth Whitening Pen – a pen that can provide better and noticeable teeth whitening through simple means. By using this product many people have been able to turn the color of their teeth completely around and changed the way they look and feel.

What Is Radiance Teeth Whitening Pen?

Radiance Teeth Whitening is a pen that has been created to provide a people with a convenient and simple way to turn their yellow teeth into ones that are white and glowing. The purpose of the product is to give people bigger smiles and to no longer make them feel ashamed or embarrassed for smiling.

The product highlights some of the core causers of yellow teeth among people, and why yellow teeth are becoming so common nowadays. Among the most notable causers of yellow teeth that it mentions are tea, smoking and coffee. All three of these activities are usually indulged by a wide array of people, and thus, people tend to suffer from yellow teeth.

One thing to note about tea or coffee is that they stain the dental plaque that sits on the teeth. If the plaque is then not cleansed in a proper manner, then the teeth can become discolored as the pigmentation can penetrate deeper into the teeth, causing an ugly yellow color to settle.

The same goes for coffee. Unlike tee, white the dark color of coffee itself isn’t behind the yellowing, other factors like caffeine and roughness of the beverage can cause severe teeth yellowing. Additionally, cigarettes include nicotine and tar, both of which can seep under the surface of one’s teeth and cause yellowing.

Radiance Teeth Whitening ensures that the effects of all three of these common causers of yellow teeth can be countered through an easy and effective method.

How Does Radiance Teeth Whitening Work?

Unlike other methods, which can become quite complex and difficult to follow, this product keeps things relatively simple, thus ensuring that one doesn’t have to worry too much on how it should be applied. The application process is quite simple, and involves three main steps:

  • Rotate: In this step, one will need to make sure they have dry teeth. Then, they simple need to rotate the bottom of the pen, until it begins to dispense gel from the opposite end.
  • Apply: Application of the gel is supposed to go directly onto the teeth. Moderate amounts are to be distributed across the yellow areas of the teeth. This is to last for 30-60 seconds and during that period, it is recommended to not let the lips come in contact with the teeth.
  • Repeat: The final step is to let the cream be rested onto the teeth for 15 minutes. After that, one is not to drink or eat anything for one hour. Simple repetition of this process can result in amazing teeth whitening within just mere moments.

What Ingredients Are Used in Radiance Teeth Whitening?

This product uses a number of powerful yet potent ingredients that make sure that one is getting the best of both worlds. The included ingredients in this package are:

  • Kosher Glycerin: This contains no animal products, and is used to increase the overall stabilization of the formula. As it is kosher, it can be used by a wider array of people.
  • Peppermint Oil: This is needed oil that has been known for its abilities to quell bacteria. It also has pain-relieving properties which makes it an essential add-on into this formula. Finally, it is also great for infections in the gum and even has a cool, minty flavor.
  • Carbomer: This is an ingredient that releases an oxidizing effect when it comes into contact with teeth, turning them into a white color with ease. A must have for the formula and greatly empowers it.

Benefits of Using Radiance Teeth Whitening

  • Comes with Testimonials: This product has a number of testimonials available on their website that state the effects of the product and how it managed to change their teeth from a boring yellow color to a glowing and glistening white color. People stated how they were finally able to smile openly and not feel ashamed about their teeth’s color.
  • Uses Safe Ingredients: Usage of safe ingredients is an important factor that many people often underestimate. By using this product, one can ensure that they provide their health increased benefits as well as great whitening.
  • FDA-Approved: Approval from the Food and Drug Administration is a vital test that any supplement or healthcare product must pass in order for one to determine its true effectiveness and safety. This is a test that this product has passed, making it highly worthwhile.


Overall, Radiance Teeth Whitening is definitely worth getting into, as it offers great effects for a relatively low price. Anyone can change the color of their teeth with freedom and smile beyond their wildest dreams. For more information on how it works visit their official website that lists down further testimonials and details which will definitely be  of use for people interesting or on the fence. It also mentions pricing details and shipping information.