Sun Basket Review – Top Meal Delivery Service 2019

Sun Basket

Cooking is not everyone’s cup of tea but for sustenance, one needs to be well-trained in the art of preparing delicious meals. Eating out is an option, however, it can quickly add up the bills and is also not healthy. A dependable alternative that is convenient for folks who find cooking challenging are meal delivery services.

However, many would doubt these meal kit companies as well, as one can never be sure if the ingredients are fresh and the recipes are healthy. For people who are health conscious, a great option is Sun Basket. This meal delivery service is well-known, and it uses certified organic ingredients and easy recipes that give sumptuous results.

Sun Basket Review

Sun Basket is a meal kit delivery company that is unique in the way it delivers only organic ingredients and offers nutritious, expert-approved meal plans such as low-carb plan, lean and clean plan, vegetarian plan, paleo plan, and more. This delivery service sends fresh produce and recipes to one’s doorstep on a regular note. However, people can also skip services for a week or alter their plans.

With this delivery service, one doesn’t have to worry about ruining his diet. There’s a classic and a family plan available. Recipes can also be mixed and matched for additional variety. All one needs to prepare a meal with this service are pots, pans, oils, and good old salt and pepper. Cooking with this company is easy and the meals prepared are also sure to appeal taste buds. Moreover, these recipes are from renowned chefs.

Each week, ingredients are delivered in an insulated box that ensures freshness. Pricing starts from only $11.99 per week. Overall, this meal delivery service is great for anyone who is looking for easy, reliable, and healthy cooking and eating. There is also a money back guarantee in place. The best part is that the company’s reviews can be found online which shows that it is renowned, trustable, and a favorite of many.

Meal Plans Offered

Sun Basket offers various meal plans to suit the lifestyle choices of different people. However, buyers are not restricted to the meals mentioned in the plans. They can mix and match as well regardless of which plan they go for.

Here is a brief look at the meal plans and what they have to offer:

1 – Chef’s Choice

This meal plan is for the people who know that relying on experts always equals to a great experience. It delivers hand-picked recipes that have been made using seasonal produce. The recipes revolve around home-made sauces that are sure to leave one craving for more.

2 – Carb-Conscious

It’s no secret that while carbs are great for energy, too many of them can chip in weight gain and make sugar levels spike. Many people above the age of 30 decide to live a carbohydrate-conscious lifestyle and this plan is for them. This plan is designed to include only 25-35g net carbs, and 25g of proteins.

3 – Paleo

Another option that interested people can go for is the paleo diet. This diet has gained quite the fame because of its health benefits. The paleo diet provided by this meal kit provider is free of dairy, gluten, soy and corns and filled with protein-packed recipes that include seafood and veggies.

4 – Mediterranean

For people looking for different but health-fulfilling recipes, this meal plan is the perfect choice. It gives one a balanced dose of whole grains, good fats as well as fresh herbs using seafood and meat that has been sourced responsibly to ensure that there are no adverse effects of it on health in the long run.

5 – Lean and Clean

The lean and clean diet plan is for protein lovers. People who exercise a lot, want to shed pounds or are into athletics should consider going for this protein-based meal plan. Recipes and ingredients delivered as part of this meal kit are low on calories and come without any soy, dairy or gluten content.

6 – Gluten-free

This plan is made using the best gluten alternatives as decided by top chefs. It is another mouth-watering plus healthy option to go for. It comes with fresh vegetables paired with first-rate meats and seafood, wild-caught and antibiotic. For all those who are anti-gluten, this is a worthwhile meal plan.

7 – Vegan

Several people are turning to a vegan diet, some because they are anti-meat, others because they prefer cruelty-free, and yet others because they find it more healthful. This meal plan brings entirely vegan meals made with home-made sauces that enhance taste and complete with plant-based proteins for balanced nutrition.

8 – Quick and Easy

Always on the run? The quick and easy meal plan is for those who lead busy lives and have minimal time to spare on cooking. The quick and easy meal plan recipes can be prepared effortlessly in no time without any compromise in the health, taste, and quality departments.

9 – Diabetes-Friendly

Cooking food as a diabetic or for a diabetic can be complicated. Which ingredients should be used more, and which should be better avoided? With this diabetes-friendly meal plan by Sun Basket, one can make cooking smooth, and easy without all the questions and confusions.

10 – Pescatarian

People who want to get the benefits from seafood while avoiding all other meat options and enjoy vegetables as well can choose this meal plan. The recipes are based on seasonal organic produced and bring wild-caught, sustainably sourced seafood. Furthermore, the plan is great in the taste department too!

Final Verdict

Summing up, Sun Basket is a meal kit delivery service that delivers healthy, organic meal plans that suit one’s specific lifestyle choices. This delivery service is one that can be relied on since it comes with a money back guarantee, and has many positive reviews online. The meals are also not lacking in the taste department. The recipes offer one a convenient solution to meal-making.