True Keto MD Review – Complete Keto System by Dr. Helen Okoye

True Keto MD

True Keto MD Complete Keto System is a program by Dr. Helen Okoye who is epidemiologist. The program comprises of a potent dietary supplement that contains BHB ketones and guidebooks that help one get into and understand the process of ketosis.

This product has been created on the grounds of research by a professional who knows what she’s talking about. The keto diet and exogenous ketone supplements have helped several people, including celebrities, lose weight. And this program seems to be a great route for anyone willing to get started with the process.

Why and how does ketosis work?

The body typically processes carbohydrates for energy. Now carbs are made of sugars which are harmful for health. They generate energy that does not last very long by burning glucose. This means that one’s blood sugar levels shoot up and he craves more and more food to meet the body’s energy needs. This, in turn, causes weight gain and can stimulate diabetes type 2 as well.

On the other hand, ketosis uses fats for energy production. These fats are more efficient and lasting energy sources. The ketones created as by-products are also very helpful for one’s heath. They stimulate better brain functionality and also maintain optimal blood sugar levels.

Other health benefits of ketosis include reduced inflammation, suppressed appetite, protected cardiovascular health, etc. Since ketosis helps in energy generation by means of burning fats, accumulated and consumed fats are released as energy. This encourages weight loss. Hence, rather than running on carbs, running the body on fats is a lot more health beneficial.

True Keto MD Review

Exercising vigorously, trimming down one’s daily diet, and holding on to motivation are not the only ingredients required to lose weight. However, this does not mean that one has to work harder or limit one’s diet even more to experience a drop in excess pounds.

A simple change in approach can help. If one wants to shed off excess pounds, he can simply opt for a ketogenic diet. While this diet is restricting, it is both safe and effective. But it may require one to take exogenous ketones in order to ensure that one’s body transitions into the state of ketosis easily.

Such a source of exogenous ketones works to fight off the keto flu. One product that a person can use for BHB ketones is The Complete Keto System by True Keto MD. This is a program that brings along a dietary supplement and guidebooks. The supplement has been made using natural ingredients.

The guidebooks explain the keto diet in depth, and also show one the recipes to go for to kickstart the process of ketosis. The program is backed by science and helps one lose weight conveniently. Apart from providing metabolic support, with this program, one can gain other health benefits too.

True Keto MD Features

True Keto MD brings three products as part The Complete Keto System. The first two are guides while the last one is a supplement. Here is a brief intro of all of them –

The Complete Keto Guide:

This guide details users on why carbs should not be the body’s main fuel source. It also explains everything about the keto diet, why it works, how it does and when can one expect results. Moreover, one also learns the latest trends about the ketogenic diet and the many other health benefits it brings along with supporting safe weight loss.

The Complete Keto Recipe Book:

This recipe book contains all the flavorful recipes that can be followed as part of the keto diet. Since these recipes have been designed by a chef and a nutritionist, one can trust that they are just the perfect blend for health support. Moreover, these recipes are all super delicious which is what makes following them convenient rather than an annoyance.

True Keto Complex:

True Keto MD’s True Keto Complex is a new keto-based formula that works to facilitate the fat-burning process of ketosis. This product boosts a natural composition and has been manufactured while adhering to strict quality standards. With the support and backing of science, this dietary supplement seems to be reliable and free of adverse side effects.

More Features

There are several amazing qualities that make this True Keto MD program amazing. These features are the following:

  • The program is easy-to-use
  • The recipes it mentions are delicious
  • The supplement is natural
  • Research backs the program
  • The program has been designed by a professional
  • There are several health benefits provided
  • Shipping is free of charges
  • The route to weight loss is effective
  • It is safe to follow as well

To stay on the safe side, one can consult his physician before investing in this program. While it does seem dependable, there are several scams out there and double-checking is only wise.

Pricing and Money Back Guarantee

Two guidebooks and a supplement come as a part of the True Keto MD system. Together they are available for only $69. The shipping is also free of charges. Payment modes are safe. There is a 180-day long money-back guarantee as well.

This refund policy shows that the creator of the program is confident about the program’s working. Those who find the program unhelpful, they can request for a refund. This way, the purchase is free of any risks.


The Complete Keto System by True Keto MD is an amazing program for anyone who wants to efficiently lose weight. With this program, one gets books that explain the entirety of the ketosis process along with an exogenous ketone supplement.

Safe and healthy, following this program doesn’t only help melt off excess pounds, but it also provides other health benefits. These include but are not limited to increased energy markers, better cognitive functionality, normalized blood sugar markers, etc. One can purchase this product from its official website where he can also read more about it.