IGR+ Review – Pacific Naturals’ Digestive and Relief Support


IGR+ is a dietary supplement that reduces inflammation, heals gut health and repairs the digestive system. A product by Jon Price M.D. in collaboration with Pacific Naturals, this one is entirely natural and backed science and studies.

This product doesn’t only balance one’s gut, but it also strengthens one’s immunity. It is also GMP certified and made in the USA. Therefore, the quality is also premium. The purchase of this product is backed by a money back guarantee. 

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The Relation Between an Unhealthy Gut and Inflammation

There is more meaning to the phrase “gut feeling” than one may think. The gut determines one’s health on several levels. An unhealthy gut refers to a condition in which one’s gut microbiome are unbalanced.

There are more than 300 different species of bacteria housed in the intestines. If the bad bacteria outbalance the good ones, one’s gut does not react nicely. And hence, troubles begin. The gut does not only determine digestive health.

An unhealthy gut can cause autoimmune disorders, cancer, endocrine disorders, skin problems and so much more. Inflammation, on the other hand, is the body’s normal response. It only gets problematic when it is prolonged.

Chronic inflammation is another cause of several diseases. It lowers immunity and increases pain. It also weakens the immune system and invites more ailments to the party. An imbalanced gut can trigger an unhealthy inflammatory response.

The bad news is that these two are interlinked and cause upheaval when they occur together. The best one can do on his own is improve his diet and avoid inflammatory foods. He can also add probiotics to his diet and choose a healthy way to detoxify his body.

IGR+ Review

There can be several causes behind the gastrointestinal problems that one faces, but an imbalanced gut and inflammation are almost always the culprits that start it all. No amount of changing medications, probiotics and other pills can be of help for certain people.

This is why Job Prince M.D. has worked on a natural formula that can provide lasting relief. He has paired up with renowned company Pacific Naturals to create IGR+. The name of this product stands for Inflammation Gut Relief.

This product’s creation has been carried out on the basis of several researches, tests and studies. The formula comprises of powerful ingredients such as turmeric, peppermint oil, boswellia seratta, etc. It also contains a blend of probiotic strains such as lactobacillus and bifidobacterium infantis.

Piperine has also been added to the composition for enhancing the absorption rate of curcumin. This product can detoxify the body of toxins and cleanse one’s system. It does not only combat inflammation and balance the gut, it also grants relief from painful joints.

It can clear a foggy brain and maintain healthy blood glucose levels. It can rid one of gas, bloating, stomach cramps, painful bowel movements and other digestive concerns as well. The product is GMP-certified and made in the US as well.

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Features of this Product

There are several qualities that make IGR+ seem like a product worth trying. The features that make this product seem worthwhile are the following.

The formula of the supplement is natural:

IGR Plus ingredient-list does not contain any heath-harming ingredients. This makes the product seem reliable. No chemicals, additives, etc. have been added to the formula. The natural composition ensures that the product is gentle on one’s system.

The product is safe to use as well:

Since there are no potentially harmful ingredients in this formula, one doesn’t have to worry about negative side effects. No adverse side effects have been reported either. The product is, therefore, safe to use for the health of users. One can still consult his doc about this to stay on the safe side.

It has been created on the grounds of research:

This product’s formula has been developed on the grounds of scientific research and academic studies. The work done on information collection prior to the creation of this formula proves that it is scientifically correct and an effective product to take.

It can be conveniently added to one’s routine:

Another great feature of this product is that it can be made a part of one’s lifestyle without any inconveniences. One has to take the pill on a regular basis to be able to enjoy the positive results. As mentioned, three capsules have to be taken in a day.

The purchase of this formula is risk-free:

This product’s purchase is backed by a money back guarantee of 180 days. During this time is one is not satisfied with the results shown, he may return the product and get his cash back. This shows that the company is confident about the working of this supplement.

The product is of premium quality:

There is no compromise done on the quality of IGR+ either. The product is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. It has been manufactured in the United States, adhering to strict standards of health and sanitation. Hence, it can be concluded the product is of high quality.

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Pricing of this Product

IGR+ is available for three different pricing plans. The sample package of this product brings a single bottle and is priced at $69. Buying the package that brings three bottles at once takes the price down to $59 per bottle.

Similarly, a package of six bottles takes the price per bottle down to $49. The company is offering massive savings and the shipping is also free of cost. A solid money back guarantee of 180 days backs the product as well.

Final Verdict

IGR+ is an amazing product that works to improve health and wellness by balancing gut health, curbing inflammation and granting relief from digestive troubles. This product is backed by research. It does not contain any harmful ingredients and the formula is entirely natural. A single bottle of this dietary supplement contains 90 capsules. This product is by Jon Prince M.D. and a company called Pacific Naturals. One can place an order via the official webpage of the product.