Jenny Craig Food Review – Does It Really Work?

Jenny Craig Food

The internet is rife with information related to weight loss. There are big promises made and extensive claims written. Not to mention, people love giving opinions. So, it does not take them long to diagnose the other person’s weight problem and say that ‘this’ or ‘that’ would work. Some even go on to say that ‘you only have to…’ As if it were that easy or as if a person has not tried that already. This shows that there is a gap in understanding one’s problem and finding a personalized solution. Fortunately, programs like the Jenny Craig Food can help.

This is a weight loss program by Jenny Craig who is a weight loss consultant. The program takes care of all the aspects of shedding the extra weight. These include the right food to eat, the right nutrients to choose, the extra work of preparing the right meal, and most of all the right answer to one’s problem. The program does not provide a one size fits all solution. This is because it focuses on providing a personalized solution to one’s problem, which is what adds bonus points in favor of the program.

Jenny Craig Food Review

Jenny Craig Food is a personalized weight reduction problem. It is aimed at helping a person achieve his weight loss goals by providing the right nutrition and meals that are needed to trim the extra weight. The fact of the matter is that weight loss does not come easy. Anybody who has successfully shed the additional pounds or tried to do the same knows this.

The challenge entails working out, avoiding some foods, taking certain foods, calorie calculations, and nutritional strategies to name a few. This can be overwhelming for a person alone, which brings one to a consultant who tells exactly what needs to be done and what can help. The good news is that this diet plan helps solve all these problems.

It is designed by Jenny Craig, a consultant who has been in the field for long now. This speaks volumes of the expertise and experience. Moreover, the program is eight years old, which is also a beneficial point. After all, it hasn’t remained around for so long if it weren’t effective.

Therefore, the meal plan weight loss program pairs expertise and experience that helps a person achieve some positive results about his fitness goals. Moreover, the meal plan promises that it helps its users shed an average of 1-2 pounds in a week.

Are diet plans really effective?

One of the leading problems with failing or stagnant weight loss plan is that the calorie calculation is not done right. Most of the people think that reducing weight translates into eating less. However, that’s not the case in all instances.

By cutting down what one is eating, there is an increased risk of becoming weak and feeling tired. Plus, fatigue can enter the equation at any time. It also means that low energy levels stop a person from working out. Such a diet plan does not work for long. Either a person gives up because how can one live without eating or a person has to eat because he ends up feeling weak.

To beat that, a person needs a personalized diet plan that takes all the crucial factors such as one’s age, weight, gender, and so no into account. It is after putting all these factors together with the science of weight loss that a diet plan provides a list of what nutrients are needed by a person and in what proportion.

In doing so, diet plans turn out to be effective. Moreover, it is critical to take into account the food that one takes. Because, weight loss without that is nearly impossible.

What is included in Jenny Craig Food program?

Jenny Craig Food is based on two chief components of consultation and delicious food. Details of each are presented below:

Consultation- A person gets to connect with a consultant who understand his weight loss problems and crafts a weight reduction plan that needs to be followed. There are three main components of this part of the program. These are:

  • One-on-one consultation

As per this feature, a person gets in touch with a consultant who helps to chalk out a personalized plan for shedding the extra pounds.

  • Ongoing support

Getting the right plan is not enough. It takes more than just that. A person has to stick to the plan which requires dedication and motivation. Therefore, ongoing support is offered by the diet plan.

  • Reaching the goal and maintaining

A serious challenge after one achieves his weight loss goals is maintaining the weight. Several times, one bounces back to his old weight. This plan ensures that no such thing happens by helping maintain the weight.

Meals- As per this component, the program provides food six times in day at about twenty dollars for a day. The dishes are chef made as per one’s personalized diet needs.


There are two modes for delivery of the foods that one gets as part of the diet program. There is one option of delivery to one’s doorstep. The program will ensure that food is send at one’s place so that one does not have to worry about preparation of his meals or picking them up.

Alternatively, one has the option of picking up his food from the local center where the ready food is available and one only has to pick it up from the people who run the show of this diet program.

Final Verdict

All in all, Jenny Craig Food is a valuable weight loss program. It is based on personalization so that a person gets a weight reduction plan that is not just a one size fits all plan. One can reduce approximately 1-2 pounds in weight weekly. The diet plan has had eight years of experience, which adds experience to the bucket of good characteristics. Also, the diet plan provides chef-made special meals daily that allow a person to shed this weight in a hassle-free way.