Synbiotic 365 Review – Should You Really Try It?

Synbiotic 365

Picture a war zone. It’s messy and there are a lot of negative consequences. Now, take that war zone to one’s gut. Yes, the human gut! There’s a war boiling exactly in the alimentary canal of a person. And, the negative consequences of it surface in the form of digestive health issues including irregular bowel movement, stomach pain, acid reflux, and so on. Naturally, one’s responsibility in such a war zone is to side by the good bacteria, the party on the battle field that needs to win. As a result, a person needs help such as from a natural solution such as Synbiotic 365.

This is a potent supplement that is packed with probiotics and prebiotics. Both of these classes help enrich the population of the bacteria in the gut. Put simply, the gut is home to several bacteria. This includes both negative as well as positive bacteria. However, the trouble, in the form of digestive health issues, begins when the number of the harmful bacteria crosses the numbers of the positive bacteria. Consequently, gut health gets disturbed. However, a solution such as this is aimed to help solve this issue by restoring the population of the gut bacteria to its optimal levels.

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Synbiotic 365 Review

Synbiotic 365 is a natural, dietary formula which is aimed at improving the gut health of an individual. It is based on a natural ingredient list including probiotics and prebiotics. On top of that, the formula consists of B complex vitamins. Consequently, it can help balance the population of the gut microbiome and deliver improved gut health.

In other words, a person may be able to bid farewell to digestive health issues such as stomach pain, acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation, and so on. All this is achieved without relying on any harmful chemicals.

A composition that contains harmful chemicals often delivers side effects. However, there is no point achieving one health benefit on the cost of another one. Such issues don’t plague this supplement though as it is based on a natural composition. Consequently, it is safe to take and the risk of side effects are minimal.

That said, it is important to note that the supplement may work for some but not for others. Moreover, in certain cases, it may show some minor effects such as bloating. However, the effects are only temporary and make sense as it takes the body some time to get used to a new formula. 

About The Manufacturer

Synbiotic 365 comes from United Naturals. However, it is the work of Vincent Pedre, M.D. He is a functional medicine certified practitioner. He is the founder of Pedre Integrative Health and still practices in New York City.

This ensures that the supplement comes from a person who is not only educated but also experienced. Over and above that, he is great in his line of work. This adds to the credibility of the supplement.

What Does It Contain?

Synbiotic 365 is packed with only natural ingredients, making it safe to take. The ingredients contained in the formula can be easily divided into three chief classes. These are:

1. Vitamins: The supplement is a rich source of B vitamins that are great for digestive health.

2. Probiotics: These are live bacteria that are naturally present in the gut. These are also available in certain foods and supplements. This supplement is one such formula that comprises of probiotics, which can help tip the gut population in favor of the friendly bacteria.

3. Prebiotics: These are high-fiber sources that help maintain the balance of the gut bacteria. This supplement also contains prebiotics alongside probiotics. As a result, it is called a synbiotic, a source that comprises of both probiotics and prebiotics.

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How Does The Supplement Work?

In simple words, Synbiotic 365 works by maintaining the population of the gut flora. To elaborate, the gut is packed with both friendly as well as harmful bacteria. The gut microbiome shares a helpful relationship with the digestive system.

The good bacteria help with digesting food, strengthening the immune system, and more. On the other hand, the gut provides a place to the bacteria to live. The only villain in this story are the bad bacteria. If their numbers cross the population of the good bacteria, it results in digestive health issues.

This supplement works to eliminate the antagonist by enriching the numbers of the friendly bacteria. Once the population is restored, one can note improvement in his digestive health. This is exactly how this formula works in helping enhance digestive health.


Synbiotic 365 comes in different prices. This is mainly dependent on the amount of supplement bottles that one orders. As a general rule of thumb, the pricing becomes more economical as the quantity of the supplement increases.

Hence, one bottle of the product comes at a price of around $50. However, the quantity of the supplement increases to three bottles, then the price goes down by $120, which can help a person save significantly.

What’s more, the pricing becomes ever more reasonable if one orders six bottles of the supplement. These are up for grabs for a price of $230, which also helps one save a lot. A cherry on top is that subscribing to the website, gives a person 10% off on any purchase from the manufacturers, United Naturals.

Plus, there is a money back guarantee present as well. If one is not satisfied with the product, then he can request a refund within 30 days of purchasing the supplement.

Contact Details

In case one needs to reach out to the manufacturers of Synbiotic 365, then he can try both a phone number as well as email. Use the following digits at 1-844-794-7728 or send an email to [email protected]. The official website also gives the address, which speaks volumes of authenticity.

Final Verdict

To recap, Synbiotic 365 is a natural and potent solution for gut health. It works to restore the population of the gut bacteria so that one can bid adieu to common digestive issues such as diarrhea.