byteme Review – What is byte and How Does It Work?

A not-so-perfect smile can be confidence-shattering. Moreover, the shy consciousness to smile extends far beyond teenage. It jumps on to catch up a person in his or her adulthood too. As a result, a person stops himself every time he wishes to laugh at the top of his lungs. Getting teeth fixed is a good idea in this case. But the idea turns soar immediately as one starts calculating the costs. Alas, there aren’t any natural remedies, after all it is teeth, not acne, that we are talking about. Fortunately, there is a solution that comes under the name of byte.

This is an online program that delivers personalized clear aligners to one’s doorstep. In the present times, there is no reason to avail the option of embarrassing braces if the teeth shape allows aligners. A modern alternative are aligners that can help bring teeth into alignment and gift a perfect smile. This program helps fulfill this dream of a healthy smile that one is not conscious of. What’s more, the aligners are designed by expert professionals. This makes it credible and completely trustworthy as well.

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byte is an online service that prepares clear aligners for one’s teeth and delivers them to one’s doorstep. Every person’s teeth are unique. So is the way their shape and crookedness is. Therefore, the program first takes one’s teeth impressions so that aligners of the right shape and size are made and send to a person’s way.

It is common to wonder why braces have lost their glory. To begin with, they didn’t reign much back in their time as well. Embracing braces was hard as it is with people commonly being tagged as ‘metal mouthed’ and such names. The problem was that there were no alternatives.

Luckily, aligners have emerged as the transparent successors of braces. Aligners are clear-toned and are worn as a jacket over the teeth. These are slightly tighter than the teeth’s size so that their shape can be repositioned bit by bit. The only catch is that the costs and time investment in the procedure can be skyrocketing.

This is where byte comes into the picture and provides a reliable, trustworthy solution. It is a cost-effective solution for getting straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Moreover, a person does not have to visit the dentist every now and then. The set of aligners is delivered to one’s house so that is added convenience on top of a helpful solution and economical costs.

How Does It Work?

There are three steps in which the byte program works. These are:

Step 1: Sending the impressions of one’s teeth

Before one orders his clothes, he gives his fitting to the tailor. The same applies to getting aligners for one’s teeth. The Impression Kit allows one to take the impressions of his teeth at the comfort of his home. It will deliver the complete map of one’s teeth to the orthodontists who can then design a treatment plan.

Step 2: A treatment plan is devised

As mentioned, no two dental sets are the same. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all aligners are out of the question, which is why the impressions taken in the first step are so essential. The orthodontists of this program analyze the impressions and chalk out a treatment plan for each individual. It is after this that a fully interactive 3D model is prepared.

Step 3: Custom aligners are sent to one’s house

In the last step, the step-by-step treatment plan and the custom aligners are sent to one’s address. On top of that, two more additions are also delivered. These are the BrightByte teeth whitener and HyperByte accelerator device.

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Two Outstanding Features of the Program

byte is a unique program on its own. It offers convenience and a solution that comes to one’s doorstep instead of having one chase it. Typically, it takes long hours of wait at the orthodontist’s office in addition to the cash investment.

This program solves both these issues. There are two other noteworthy features though. These are discussed below:

  • Fast results with HyperByte accelerator device

HyperByte accelerator device comes with the clear aligners for an individual’s teeth. It is an exclusive dental movement device, which cuts down the treatment time in half. Plus, it also encourages accurate new alignment of the teeth while reducing the need for refinements. By using it for 5 minutes in a day, a person can bring down his average treatment time to three months from six months.

  • Talks with real dentists

In a conventional setting, one would have to run to a dentist periodically. In this case, a person does not need to rush to appointment after every few weeks. Instead, he can talk to professionals such as board-certified orthodontists and dentists. Treatment plans that are made for each person are personally explained to individuals by a licensed, board certified dental professional.

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Cost and Guarantee

Another good news is that byte comes with a lifetime guarantee as long as one follows all the post treatment steps correctly. This means that if a person’s teeth move, shift, or attempt to rebel back to their old alignment, then the person can call back the company and get them fixed with on additional costs.

This guarantee is not for three or six months but lifetime for all people who get their aligners via this program and are correctly following their post-treatment plan. On top of this, the cost of the entire program is reasonable. It is only for $62 per month, which covers all the set of aligners, HyperByte accelerator device, orthodontic treatment care team, and complimentary BrightByte teeth whitening.

The best part is that the monthly payment plan is for as low as $62 per month. Retainers are also included free and the down payment is zero, making the entire program pretty valuable.

Final Verdict

Summing up, byte is a comprehensive program that is dedicated to perfecting one’s smile. It offers home delivery and a customized treatment plan for straight teeth. Top that up with reasonable charges, orthodontist consultation, and lifetime guarantee when a person pursues the post-treatment steps adequately and a person will find no other better option for getting his teeth fixed. We recommend our readers to definitely go for byte!

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