Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig Review 2019 – MUST READ THIS BEFORE BUYING

Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig diet programs offer a convenient solution for cutting down body fat. Both programs involve prepared meals which lead to effective weight loss. This innovative solution saves time and effort. Choosing between the two programs can be difficult as both are attractive for dieters. The following discussion offers a comparison between the programs to make this choice easier.

While favoritism hurts, putting together and weighing the pros and cons is an essential act to determine the winner. In this regard, this post looks at the outlook of Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig diet programs, exploring what each of these are, what they offer, and which program takes home the trophy for helping achieve effective weight loss. Rest assured both meal plans are natural and encourage exercise and nutritive eating for getting rid of the extra pounds.

Nutrisystem Review

Losing weight, looking great and feeling fabulous, that’s not all with Nutrisystem. There is more to know, more to explore and absolutely more to gain with this all-in-one diet plan which has captured market and its tremendous results have compelled the users to give it an average rating of 9.9 out of 10. Not thrilled? Well, that’s just the beginning. Read about the ingredients, effects and side-effects of this excellent product in the review here.

Nutrisystem is an all-rounder solution for overweight folks. It is an efficient, comprehensive plan that does all the calorie calculations in advance so that one does not have to get caught up in the nitty-gritty and lose the main sight of the weight loss goal.

Based on the homework that it does, this program delivers diet-friendly foods that taste well. There are minimal efforts from one’s end, one does need to plan or cook. Instead, once the order is placed, all food is delivered at the door step including food for dinner, lunch, breakfast, and dessert.

The weight loss plan is devised in a manner that it takes into account side dishes, snacks, and cheat meals as well. In this way, it ensures that a dieting person’s motivation stays on track. Not to mention, the food is delivered in microwave-friendly pouches, which prevent the food from going stale in the event of an occasional late meeting.

There is a variety of food offered with solid results of pound shedding paired with different meal plans to choose from.

Jenny Craig Review

The Jenny Craig Diet plan is a similar weight loss plan that aims to deliver ready-made dishes to one’s doorsteps. It showcases several benefits as it taps into the body’s circadian rhythm to encourage weight loss.

To this end, it offers personalized weight loss by chalking out a plan to lose the extra fat based on one’s motivation and fitness levels. This means that a person may have his motivation wells well stocked before he decides to jump into the program.

There is a consultation program in place as well, however, it is not free as in the case of the Nutrisystem diet plan. Instead, an enrollment fee gives access to consultation. This plan may help improve one’s lifespan while lowering the odds of developing chronic illnesses.

The diet plan also taps into exercise and healthy eating for weight reduction. Diet-friendly food is delivered to the doorstep. An alternative is also available. In that, a person can pick the ready food from the local center.

Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig: A Comparative Sketch

So far it is clear that both the programs have the same objective of helping a person bring down the disturbing numbers on his weight scale. To this end, both plans send out pre-packaged food that is ready to eat and nutritious.

However, the pricing, features, variety, and a lot more differ between the two. The following is an overview of the differences:

1. Taste

Both the meal plans offer good tasting food. In the case of Nutrisystem though, it has been clearly mentioned that there are no artificial sweeteners or processed chemicals present in the diet plan. Therefore, Nutrisystem gains an extra point over here.

2. Services

Jenny Craig demands a person to sign a contract when signing up for their diet plan, asking how long a person will use the services. However, there is no such enforced bond put forth by Nutrisystem. It is entirely up to a person to follow the diet plan until whatever time he deems fit.

However, it is advisable, in general, to give any eating pattern some time so that it can show its complete benefits. Thus, this characteristic earns points as per a person’s preferences. For instance, one may like to sign a contract as a way to keep himself motivated. The majority may not appreciate such an enforcement.

3. Food Availability

Food from Nutrisystem is delivered to one’s door steps. A person only has to place the order online and the food will be delivered. Therefore, all the set up of the program is online. The same is true with the Jenny Craig plan.

The only difference is that one can go to a store to get the food that is available via the Jenny Craig diet plan. Therefore, the setting in this case is both offline as well as online. This adds a point in favor of the Jenny Craig meal plan.

4. Variety

Both the meal plans offer a wide variety of foods. All foods are designed to meet a person’s diet goals and encourage weight loss. It is interesting to note that the Nutrisystem offers 150 items on the menu in total with 5 portioned meals in a day plus dessert and snacks.

However, there are 80 items on the Jenny Craig menu with 5 meals daily. Also, with the former diet plan offers several packages. These are:

  • Basic Plan: This plan can be chosen for the lowest possible price. It is a monthly plan with pre-selected, ready-to-go foods. Additionally, there is a free online tracking tool and app offered along with zero shipping charges.
  • Core Plan: This is the most popular of the three plans with an approximate of $10.54 a day in pricing. There are over 100 delicious foods to choose from. The food will be delivered without any shipping charges. Along with access to the online tracking tool and app, this plan provides unlimited access to counselors and dieticians.
  • Uniquely Yours: This is the top-rated plan that offers a range of 150 foods. Plus, it offers frozen meals with free shipping and other features. The cost stands at $11.96 a day.

Thus, each of these plans offer a different variety of foods and a person can opt for the one that best needs one’s requirements. The online tracking tool and app mentioned in all these plans is a valuable addition as it helps one track his weight loss journey and get more tips to shed the adamant weight and exercise.

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5. Pricing

The pricing of the two programs also varies somewhat. The cost of Nutrisystem stands anywhere between $10 to $11 in a day. On the other hand, the cost of the meals provided by the Jenny Craig sum up to $15 to $23 per day plus additional charges for other services such as the customer support that is available for $99.

While the difference in cost is not very broad, the pricing does contribute to a significant difference as the enrollment fee for customer support is substantial. On the other hand, Nutrisystem provides free access to expert dieticians, counselors, as well as an online tracking app, depending on the plan chosen.

For a Limited Time, Nutrisystem is offering 40% OFF every order, in addition to Free Shakes and Free FedEx Shipping.

6. Other Costs and Refund Policy

There are some extra charges associated with Jenny Craig program as well. For instance, there is a membership fee of $50, which is not the case with the Nutrisystem program. Plus, there are no shipping charges with Nutrisystem but a cost of $130 for shipping in the case of Jenny Craig.

Similarly, the former offers a 140-day refund policy. So, if one is not satisfied with the service or anything else, he can return the unused packs and have his money back. But there is no such risk-free guarantee with the other program.

7. Results Promised

Both other weight loss programs also promise different results. With Nutrisystem Lean 13, a man can lose about 15 pounds and 7 inches in the first month of properly following the diet plan. A woman, on the flip side, can shed about 13 pounds and 7 inches during the same time.

As per the other program in review, a person can lose between 1-2 pounds of weight in a week. If these are added to an average of 4-8 pounds in month, then the number is less in contrast with what is promised by Nutrisystem. Therefore, Nutrisystem gains some more points in this context as well.

Final Verdict (Which One Should You Buy?)

In a comparative sketch of Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig drawn above, it is clear that the former gains a lot more points than the latter. Nutrisystem offers a 14-day risk free guarantee, is reasonably priced, and does not bound a person by a contract. On top of that, there is a variety of food options available and different plans to choose from. All the items on the menu are free from artificial ingredients, preservatives, and fillers. What’s more, the plan ensures effective weight loss.

If you’re interested in losing weight, but don’t have time to prepare food, or constantly watch what you eat and how many calories it has, look no further than Nutrisystem.

With access to professional dietitians and doctors, as well as a plethora of different menu items for everyone, including diabetics and vegetarians, you really can’t go wrong with Nutrisystem.

They offer a Money Back Guarantee on all of their plans, so you really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain (except weight)

No matter what anyone says, or the wild claims the competition may make, it’s hard to beat a company that’s been in the weight loss industry for 45+ years and has decades of experience behind it.

When it comes to our health and weight loss, we want a company we can trust and that knows what it is doing!

Nutrisystem is that company.

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